Muta basically is Atum with some twists

A sound mixing console with a mute led lit


Since the introduction of child templates on Joomla 4 both Cassiopeia and Atum (the default templates) fall short on the workflow of overriding basic aspects of the templates. Muta demonstates how you can have your cake and eat it. The concept is simple: you never override the entry points of the template (index.php, component.php, error.php, etc) instead each of the entries is just a wrapper of multiple JLayouts, so if you want your own favicons you just override the specific Layout for that. The Layouts are favicons, assets and logos. Following the Unix philosophy of modularity here: do one thing and do it well!


This is basically light/dark theme. The template is keeping the state in a cookie and pass it to the HTML as an attribute of the documentElement (data-bs-theme probably Joomla will use data-theme to be open for frameworks other than Bootstrap). The actual proposal for Joomla is to keep the state in the database under the user table but probably keep also the cookie for eliminating the flash of bright theme.

Modern Font Stacks

Altrnative to the Google fonts, Modern Font Stacks are privacy first as they basically use the already installed fonts on the operating system of the user's device. Also they are the most efficient implimentation as they require 0 kb of data to be downloaded.

But why?

This template was initially created in order developers could test their own extensions and figure out what changes have to be applied to their html/css/js to support prefers-color-scheme. In general applying the correct CSS Variable is all that is needed but your mileage might vary depending on your actual html/css/js. The tinyMCE javascript is a very good example on how to handle Client Side Rendered applications.

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